The Different Types of Window Tinting Film

Window tinting film film has some fairly straightforward advantages to a driver, not the least of which is heat dissipation, but there are various types of tint film on the market, made of different materials and serving a number of roles. All window tinting films start with…
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well, the film, which is a polyester material anywhere from 2 to seven mils thick (which equates to roughly. 002 to. 007 inches). In many cases, two or more layers of film are usually bonded together to form a multi-layered hurdle against everything from UV exposure to scrapes. Manufacturers of window tinting film could also incorporate chemical UV blockers (such as cyclic imino ester), and when the film is to serve only this purpose there are no additional materials required for use in the film.

Dyed Films

The materials placed between the mounting adhesive and the scratch resistant hardcoat are where many film types stand apart. The standard of tint film contains a simple layer of dyed film, which serves to both absorb warmth and reduce onlooker visibility. There is normally some impact on cockpit visibility from within the vehicle, however it will be minor. Because of the application of tint films on the inside side of vehicle windows, the warmth rejected by the film is partially stored in the glass itself, and external air movement serves to draw most of this built up heat away during normal driving. Coloured film should never be used on the interior of thermal glass, as it may trap a significant amount of heat involving the panes where there is no air motion.

Deposited Films

Deposition technology requires a more intricate process where the movie is drawn through a tank containing certain types of metal ingots, usually nickel-chrome or aluminum. The pressure in the tank is then decreased creating an artificial vacuum, that is then flooded with argon gasoline and the ingots are heated, causing the metal to emit particles that migrate to the film surface. The density of the metal deposition will be controlled by the speed with which the film passes through the chamber. Depositing technology is relatively inexpensive and is commonly used, however it is limited by the types of alloys that can be used in the manufacturing process, making fairly restrictive product line with couple of options.

Sputtered (Metallized) Films

This technique is a bit more complex than that of deposited films. As with deposited film, sputtering is also done in a vacuum chamber, but the metallizing characteristic is achieved on the atomic level. With the use of electromagnetic fields, argon gas (or another type of inert gas) is directed toward the particular metal. This process causes very small categories of molecules to separate from the metal and uniformly deposit onto the movie. Whereas deposited films must utilize a very limited number of metals due to the character of that process, sputtering can be done along with over 20 different types of metals, producing the process far more versatile and results in a much lighter and thinner coating. These metallized films are a little more expensive to produce than dyed films, putting this category up near the top of the price range for tinting film.

Hybrid Films

Hybrid films take the best of both worlds from the previously mentioned film types, employing both a dyed film layer and a reflective metallized layer to achieve superior outcomes. By combining the reflective properties of the metals with the absorption characteristics of dyed film, less of each material is required, generally resulting in a somewhat lighter tint with equal or greater heat rejection than one of the previously mentioned film types on their own, along with low reflectivity. This film kind shatters the misconception that assumes darker films provide greater temperature rejection. In most cases, the darker colored films are chosen for little other than aesthetic value and higher privacy at a lower price.

Ceramic Films

Ceramic tint films are a relatively new development in the industry, and are completely top-tier. Utilizing neither the dyes nor metals found in other films, ceramic tint films are constructed with nanotechnology, and while surpassing the heat rejection capability of even the best metallic film, have got none of the signal interference usually associated with it. In addition , this highly durable film serves to improve the glass to which it is used, practically eliminating the possibility of glass shattering in a collision or other accident. Ceramic films are also highly resistant to fading, cracking, discoloration, bubbling, and many other drawbacks associated with other film forms. It does, however , have one drawback : price. Often it is far more expensive than other applications, but if you are looking for the absolute best window tint solution available, ceramic film is certainly the highest quality film on the market.

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