Top ten Tips for Choosing Childrens Toys

Should you have found this article then you either already know that choosing a toy for a child can be something that should be considered very carefully, that it’s no easy task or your own kids had some presents they really like and some they never seem to contact, and you want to know why.

These tops ten tips are based on my experience of toys, the elements that make up great toys and the careful thought about the meant use of the toy and the setting it will probably be used in. Follow these tips and not only will the child love the gift, the fogeys of the child will love you!

1) Think about the child the toy is perfect for – This may seem obvious, but I would urge you to go a bit further than normal, don’t just consider their age, consider what they like, exactly what have their parents talked to you about, what other toys have you seen with their house, what toys has the kid played with when they have been at your home?
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2) Choose the toy with siblings in mind – Does the child have many siblings, if only one, not beyond the boundary apart in age then an easy game with two players could be ideal. These can be engrossing with regard to both children and can help the kids develop good bond. For children with more than one sibling an open sided toy like a Noah’s ark, a pirate ship or toy garage area is ideal as it allows many children to gather around the toy and perform together, this is a great tip intended for avoiding arguments and fights!

3) Does the toy have more than one element to play with : This is around ensuring that the toy does not get played with once after that abandoned, instead of buying a simple wooden car, try Automoblox, they are wooden cars and construction kits in one, they also have a registration number and an owners club, ensuring that the gift keeps giving.

4) Consider what the parents want – This really is one to score some points with the parents, are they trying to introduce vocabulary, reading, writing, potty training, there are presents, games and books around each one of these topics which can result in a very thoughtful gift.

5) Consider where the gift will be stored – By cautiously thinking about how much space the parents have you will ensure that your gift won’t be fulfilled with raised eyebrows. A one hundred piece train set may be a great gift for the child but if the childs toybox is already full a puzzle which does not take up too much room maybe more appreciated.

6) Just how long will the toy last — I may be a little biased here, if you want the toy to last; buy wood, plastic shatters, breaks, splinters, cracks and falls aside, wooden toys appreciate character having a few knocks and scrapes, they don’t fall apart and last a lot longer.

7) Educational – This can be the traditional academic aspect such as counting, learning the alphabet with magnetic letter models, learning to tell the time with counting clocks or learning colours and shapes with shape sorter plus stackers. But this can also be buying toys to help children who are not particularly good at certain elements, the cargo pick up trike is a great gift for the toddler or young child who also doesn’t like tidying up, he can soon begin when it becomes a sport. Play food, shops and wooden high tea sets can be great for encouraging difficult eaters, they can role play feeding their own toys and dolls and will be more comfortable feeding them selves.

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