Desire Your Natural Hair Color Back?

In case you Google ‘gray hair treatment’ or even similar search term, you are likely to find webpages and pages of solutions, remedies and cures for graying of hair. But is it really feasible to ‘cure’ grey hair and reverse this sign of getting older that many of us tend to have rather early in life?

What Causes Grey Hair? Genetics, environment pollutants, age, lifestyle related routines and other reasons can all lead to grey hair. A very significant proportion of those who grey early, most likely had a parent (or two perhaps) who also grayed early, and thus genetics is clearly a predictor of graying.
Smoking, is a predictor of going gray before a person’s time and is known to have a correlation with the discoloration of skin along with hair. Stress, is another factor that contributes to grey hair; as the aged adage goes, worry can in fact convert your hair white. So work associated or personal tensions and so on can all cause one to have gray hair earlier than nature ordained.

Specific health problems could also contribute to gray locks – A thyroid disorder, anemia related to a Vitamin B12 deficiency along with other deficiencies could contribute to gray hair. Getting these conditions within control by taking medications or nutritional supplements may also help to control gray hair most of the time.

Leukoderma or Vitiligo where the pores and skin gets progressively depigmented (loses colour or pigment) can also trigger graying of hair before its time.

Can you reverse gray hair? There are a variety of natural solutions offered that claim to cure gray hair – for instance mixing yoghurt and dark pepper and applying this towards the hair, applying certain oils and lotions to the hair, using teas leaves or henna are all supposed to help darken grey hair. Certainly these may well work for most people; however for many others this may have a very temporary effect.

Then there are all sorts of ‘medicines’ or even pills and powders that are advertized as the definitive cure for tresses turning white before its period. Unfortunately a large majority of these claims are fraudulent or misleading at the very least – many of these formulations claim to be natural or safe and effective and yet in most cases this is very far from the truth!

Some people speak of gene therapy as being one of the possible remedies for reversing the whitening associated with hair. However as of now there is no this kind of therapy that exists; in the future who knows!

So in conclusion, it has to be admitted that the best options around are the natural ones, they may work for you or even they may not. But in the very least you may be sure they won’t do any harm. One could choose to either color the hair or even wear a hat or to display that gray hair – is it not after all, a badge associated with wisdom
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