Save Parrots and Why You Should Get One

Birds have become the 3rd most popular pet to get. Though people do not want a bird that screams, is destructive or even bites. Sorry to say but these three things will find in a parrot. These are simply their attributes.

When you go to the store to truly get you baby parrot they are docile and cuddly and you are made to believe that when they mature they will stay that way; this particular farthest from the truth.

Parrots are certainly not like dogs or cats and also have only been domesticated a couple of generations. Parrots are still very much naturalistic and are learning to adapt to being domesticated but not in their natural surroundings of the jungle.

Many people who purchase a baby bird have probably never had a parrot just before. They do not realize or do not want to think that their precious baby bites, is destructive or screams.

Birds vet bills can be expensive, they need lots of toys and a very large cage, their food can be costly and they require lots of fruits and veggies. Parrots also need lots of attention and discussion within their flock (the family these people live with). With all this mentioned people still go out and purchase a parrot not accepting these specifics.

After realizing there is so much more associated with a parrot other than sticking it in a cage and saying how pretty a parrot I have. They may be given up to whom I do not know.

Which in turn the parrot starts to have behavioral problems or starts plucking. The parrot is provided to multiple families and in the end they are eventually taken to the vet to be euthanized or stuck in a wardrobe or back room and overlooked.

Remember this is not how the life from the parrot started but in the end this is what happens to them. Not many parrots are given to rescues because people have no idea of them or put in a loving home. Parrots are not a commodity they are sensitive intelligent creatures placed on this earth.

Parrots are not pets as their wild instincts will always remain. People buy parrots with no genuine thought except they saw “Polly” or they want the parrot that talks because that is cool.

Parrots have become a status to own which is sad because the parrot will never have a chance to a good life. When the parrot does not talk or do techniques or they are no longer cool; what happens to them? Unfortunately this is a question There are no answer for but I dread the thought for the outcome.

Birds are very social and have very real feelings, they also bond for life. That is why it is devastating to have a parrot and just throw it away because of their wild intuition; which many people who own a bird do.

Do we consider any of these facts when we buy that valuable baby? I think not. If you are not to the task of an adult parrot so you buy that baby with no actual thought. You should not own a parrot. May sound cold-hearted but it may be the truth.
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If you really want a parrot and you have thought it through why not come to the aid of a parrot within need? I agree there is a lot of work to be done like gaining their trust. You should consider a save because that parrot is wanting for a loving secure home and to be a part of someone’s family. You may simply luck out and that parrot may know some tricks and have an outstanding vocabulary.

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