OE Versus Aftermarket Center Caps

Find out pros and cons of aftermarket wheel middle caps and buy the right aftermarket middle cap at the right price for the vehicle.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Center Caps:

A vehicle’s center caps from the original manufacturer are considered to be classified as OEM or better known as Original Equipment Manufacturer. That is why these specific accessories, that the manufacturer installed on the car, are given the name OEM.

In actuality, the car manufacturer rarely manufacturers any components themselves as they often contract with outside suppliers to produce these components according to their particular standards of quality control. They then put all these numerous parts together, at an automobile set up plant, or deliver them into their distribution chain for sale as individual parts.

Quite often the parts are stamped with the vehicle manufacturer’s brand even though some manufacturers don’t actually have their particular company brand name applied to their OEM caps.

The benefit of having such OE caps is that they were designed according to manufacturer specifications and will often suit perfectly into the wheels or rims of the vehicle with minimal adjustment. Quite often they are covered under the producer warranty against defects as well. In addition , the brand name insignia stamped on to the product provides a more fluid look to the overall aesthetic appeal of the tires themselves.

Aftermarket Center Caps:

The word “Aftermarket” can be accredited to any a part of a vehicle that is not manufactured by, or specifically for, the original vehicle manufacturer. This can be something as general as aftermarket caps that you might find for sale in your local car parts shop with a very exclusive style other than the original manufacturer experienced intended.

Nevertheless there is definitely an ever expanding industry of little to medium sized manufacturers of precise replicas of OEM wheels or even completely different designs by other brand name aftermarket companies.

It is astounding to know that automobile manufacturers actually tolerate this type of behaviour considering the replicas appear to be precisely identical in both appearance and styles. But keep in mind that, depending on where you buy them from, the quality may be inferior.

Not all several definitely some aftermarket wheel middle caps are inferior quality for their OEM counterparts even though they seem to be the same item offered at a much cheaper price point. These aftermarket replica center caps are manufactured in various parts of Asia and, if unchecked, are produced according to inferior standards while keeping the outward appearance of the same as the OEM designs. Therefore , the center caps may be subject to performance failing as they may easily crack below regular use, or worse, completely fall off and are lost in the process. This is solely because the independent replica manufacturers do not need to adhere to any specific quality control policies.

This is not to say that all aftermarket center caps are viewed as to be poor quality, if they are manufactured in Asian countries, rather there are many manufacturers who spent millions of dollars into maintaining quality manage in every step of the manufacturing process. It is a well known fact that brand name companies, either from OEM automobile manufacturers or aftermarket companies, adhere to a far higher quality control process as their titles and reputations are more at stake with an international level. So , if they get a manufacturer plant in Asian countries they make sure that all their employees and equipment are of the highest criteria to produce high quality products.

The only other major con that a person who buys aftermarket wheel center caps can experience is that if they return to their particular original car dealer for a guarantee replacement the technician may know that this is an aftermarket center cap but not replace the center cap. Furthermore, they may not cover any other damage that occurred as a result of the defect.

It is suggested that you buy from reputable well known brand name aftermarket center cap manufacturers that not only provide superior quality products but have their own individual warranties in order to back up their products.

In conclusion, OEM middle maps may be slightly better quality, on average, than their aftermarket center hats counterparts, but don’t be fooled straight into thinking that this is always the case.
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Regarding brand name aftermarket wheel center caps, such as the aforementioned list, choosing this kind of aftermarket center cap is generally as good as or even better than OEM manufacturer types. Moreover, they are priced much more appropriately than the ones you find at your local car dealership which helps you save money.

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